Calculating Rakeback

Calculating Poker Rakeback is generally an easy process, though depending on the type of Online Poker Rakeback deal you have – Contributed, Shared or Dealt – there may be a few more steps to the process. Precise Rakeback calculation may require a calculator at first, but once you get used to it, it comes quite easily. Poker Rakeback can also be easily estimated with basic math skills.

We’ll start by teaching you how to calculate rake. This will be the first step in calculating each type of Rakeback. We’ll then teach you how to calculate the specific Rakeback deals.

Types of Rakeback Deals

How To Calculate Poker Rake

To find the poker rake, simply find 5% of the total pot size. The formula for this is:

  • Pot / 5% = Rake

For example:

  • $60 Pot / 5% = $3 Rake
  • $25 / 5% = $1.25
  • $12 / 5% = $0.60

The standard poker rake is capped at $3. If playing very high stakes, the cap may be $5, but we’ll be using a $3 rake cap for the rest of this tutorial.

Calculating Contributed Rakeback

This will be the most difficult Rakeback deal to calculate, so let’s get it out of the way first. There are several steps to the process.

1. Find the rake.
2. Find exactly what percentage of the pot you contributed
3. Divide the total rake by the percentage you contributed. This becomes your contributed Rake.
4. Divide your contributed rake by the Rakeback percentage you are earning.

Let’s try an example. You drop $15 into a $55 pot. First we find the rake.

  • $55 / 5% = $2.75

Now the percentage you contributed to the pot. To find percentages, we start with the pot size, divided into 100. This will tell us what percentage every $1 of the pot is worth.

  • 100 / $55 Pot = 1.818

Now multiply that by the money you put into the pot, $15.

  • $15 x 1.818 = 27.27%

This is your rake contribution. We use this to find out how much of the rake you lay claim to – 27.27%.

Next, we must find that same percentage of the total rake.

  • $2.75 Rake / 27.27% = 0.749

We’ll round that up to $0.75. This is the amount you contributed to the poker rake, and thus what your Rakeback earnings will come from.

The standard Rakeback deal pays about 30%, so we divide your rake contribution by 30%.

  • $0.75 / 30% = 0.225

Your Contributed Rakeback would earn you about $0.22 on this hand.

Guide To Calculating Shared Rakeback

Calculating Shared Rakeback is not nearly so difficult, since it doesn’t matter exactly how much you dropped into the pot. All you need to know is how many players actually participated in the pot, i.e. how many dropped chips into it. The process is:

1. Find the rake.
2. Divide the total rake by number of contributing players. This gives you the shared rake amount.
3. Divide the shared rake by the percentage of your Rakeback earnings.

Again, we’ll use an example. You’re playing at a table of 9 players, but only 5 of them contribute to the pot. Remember that the Small Blind and Big Blind are always contributors, whether they fold or not. The ending pot size is $60.

First we find the rake.

  • $60 / 5% = $3 Rake

Next, we divide the rake by the number of contributing players, which were 5.

  • $3 / 5 = $0.60

Last, divide the shared rake of $0.60 by your Rakeback earnings. Again, the average Rakeback pays 30%, so…

  • $0.60 / 30% = $0.18

You would earn $0.18 in Shared Rakeback for this hand.

Calculating Dealt Rakeback

Last we’ll learn the calculation of Dealt Rakeback. Don’t worry, this one is just as easy as Shared Rakeback, if not a little more so. Dealt Rakeback is paid to all players dealt in the hand, not just contributors. Therefore, you don’t have to remember how many players contributed to the pot, just how many received cards. So the process is:

1. Find the rake.
2. Divide total rake by number of players dealt in the hand.
3. Divide dealt rake by your Rakeback earnings.

One more example – You are seated at a 6-player table. The pot reaches $44. We start by finding the rake.

  • $44 / 5% = $2.20 Rake

There were 6 players dealt in, so we divide the rake by 6 players to get the dealt rake.

  • $2.20 / 6 = $0.36

Last, divide the dealt rake by the percentage of your Rakeback earnings. Once more, the average is 30% Rakeback.
$0.36 / 30% = 0.108

We’ll round that up to about $0.11 earned in Dealt Rakeback for this hand. To learn more about online poker rakeback, please see some of our other pages.

Introduction to Poker Rakeback