Earning Rakeback

If you’ve read some of our other article concerning Online Poker Rakeback, or if you’ve already got a good idea of how Poker Rakeback works, you’re probably asking yourself how you can start earning Rakeback. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as finding and online poker room that promotes Rakeback payments.

Earnings Online Poker Rakeback

The fact is, there is no online poker room that promotes Rakeback. There are plenty of poker rooms that pay Rakeback, including Party Poker, PokerStars, 888 Poker, Terminal Poker, and others. None of them actually promote it.

You can visit PokerStars which offers up to 65% rakeback, search every page of the site from top to bottom, email customer support, whatever makes you feel better, but you won’t be able to get online poker Rakeback through them.

Getting The Best Rakeback Deal

The only way to get online poker rakeback is to sign up with an online poker room through a 3rd party poker portal that promotes rakeback (like this site). It’s not just because these sites are so special that they get to promote online poker rakeback, but because they have entered into a contract with each poker site they promote.

What happens is, the 3rd party site proves itself to be good suppliers of new players for a poker sites. The poker site then grants them the opportunity to promote Rakeback. Each time a player signs up for an online poker room through the 3rd party site, the player receives Rakeback.

In turn, the 3rd party site receives a much smaller percentage of the player’s contributed rake. This payment has no effect on the player’s Rakeback earnings. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

How to Earn Poker Rakeback

When you visit a 3rd party Rakeback site, you will see a list of all the Rakeback deals they have to offer. Select the one you’d like to learn more about. You should be given comprehensive details on the Rakeback program, including the Rakeback type, Rakeback percentage, how payments are received and the frequency of those payments.

If you like the online poker Rakeback deal, keep reading to find out how to take advantage of it. There are generally two ways to join an online poker room and earn Rakeback.

Ways To Get a Rakeback Deal

The first way is to enter a specific Rakeback promotion code, as provided by the 3rd party site. You will be instructed to enter this code, exactly as it appears, either during the sign-up phase, or the deposit phase. If entering the code during the deposit phase, it should also grant the standard welcome bonus offered by the online poker room.

The second way is to simply click on the link provided by the 3rd party site. This will lead you to the online poker room, where you can sign up your account as usual. The link will contain an affiliate ID, so it is crucial to click the link so that the poker room knows where you came from, and that you will be earning Rakeback via that 3rd party site.

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