Profiting With Rakeback

While Online Poker Rakeback may not be the most in-depth, complicated poker strategy you’ve studied and implemented into your poker game – far from it, in fact – it certainly has enough profit potential to be deemed a poker strategy. The fact is, even if you’re not making raking in the chips on the virtual felt, you can still make a profit with Rakeback.

Make Money with Online Poker Rakeback

The idea is to make keep yourself at a break-even pace, or better. So long as you’re not losing a significant amount of chips playing online poker, your Rakeback earnings can make up for it. The best way to make a profit with Rakeback is to sign up for a Dealt Rakeback program, and play a very tight poker game.

The Dealt Rakeback program will ensure you continue to earn Rakeback profits whether you contribute anything at all to the pot or not. Dealt Rakeback will be paid to each player at the table so long as two conditions are met. First, you must of course have a Dealt Rakeback deal in effect. Second, the hand must go on to see a flop.

As a tight player, you are going to be folding more often than not. A solid, tight poker strategy actually calls for the player to fold about 90% of all hands. That’s 9 out of 10 hands you would not be earning Rakeback for with any other type of Rakeback offer – i.e., Dealt Rakeback is a must!

Maximize Rakeback Profits

To maximize your dealt Rakeback profits, try to join an online poker table with a high number of participants. A full table is best, but at least 6 players is a must. This will keep you from paying blinds too often.

The other benefit of a tight poker strategy is that those 10% of hands you do play will have a very strong potential for winning. These should be premium starting hands, like pocket Queens, Kings or Aces; A-K suited or K-Q suited. Statistics and odds of probability show that starting hands like these will win way more often than they lose.

Odds and probabilities are the basis of a skilled poker game. When a poker player bases his game on skill, it plays about a 70% role in their success. Luck only attributes to about 30% of the game. This is what sets poker apart from all other casino games.

When these premium poker hands come along, don’t let them go to waste. Try to earn as many chips as possible from your opponents. Since you’re playing at a large table, it will be easier to get more chips into the pot. If you win the hand, you are in great shape and your Rakeback simply works to bring in extra profits.

Sometimes, you’re going to hit a bad beat and lose on these hands. It happens to everyone. This is where Rakeback becomes your profit margin. Even if you lose half of your premium starting hands, winning the other half, you can break even on the felt.

Your Poker Rakeback earnings become your profit, and you can end the day’s session with a smile on your face, knowing you’ve made a profit with Rakeback!

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