Tournament Rakeback Strategy

Tournament Rakeback is not your typical online poker Rakeback program. Tournament Rakeback actually has nothing to do with the rake, and is actually a Rakeback opportunity commonly attached to standard Rakeback programs.

When you sign up for an online poker Rakeback deal – whether it be Contributed Rakeback, Shared Rakeback or Dealt Rakeback – chances are Tournament Rakeback will be attached to the deal. Online poker rooms known to include Tournament Rakeback are:

  • Carbon Poker
  • PokerStars
  • Terminal Poker
  • Switch Poker
  • Party Poker

If you are earning Tournament Rakeback, there is a way to ensure you make the most from your Rakeback earnings. We’ll discuss this tournament Rakeback strategy in detail to help you earn the highest possible profits.

Tournament Rakeback Strategy – How do I Play?

In order to take full advantage of a Tournament Rakeback deal, you should obviously be an avid online poker tournament player. If you prefer to stick to cash games, Tournament Rakeback isn’t going to earn you much in the way of Rakeback.

Tournament Rakeback is paid on all sorts of tournaments. So long as there is a fee involved, Rakeback will be paid. This includes Multi-Table Tournaments and Sit’n’Go Tournaments.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what kind of online poker tournament you have the most success with. If it’s long-term, high-player volume tournaments, stick with MTTs. If it’s quick, single table events, head for the SNGs. If you have little experience with tournaments, we suggest starting with SNGs until you get the hang of it.

Tournament Rakeback Strategy – Is It Worth It?

You must understand that Tournament Rakeback is not going to supplement your entry cost. In fact, Tournament Rakeback pays a very small percentage of your overall cost to participate in the tournament. You will be putting up a buy-in, plus a fee, but your Rakeback comes only from the fee. The fee is generally 10% of the buy-in.

For example, a $10 buy-in would normally have a $1 fee. If you’re earning the average 30% tournament Rakeback, you would receive 30% of $1, which is only $0.30. You’re still forking over $10.70 to play.

So in order to actually make a profit from Tournament Rakeback, your goal is to finish in the money bubble. You cannot expect to finish in the bubble every time, so between cashes, you’re tournament Rakeback simply becomes a minimal refund per attempt.

If you use the right tournament Rakeback Strategy, however, you can greatly increase your chances of finishing in the bubble.

Tournament Rakeback Tips

So how do you finish in the money? By setting prioritized goals. So many players enter a tournament with the single focus of winning the top prize, or at least making the final table. This is the wrong approach.

Your first goal is to survive the first wave. If you’re playing an SNG, there will be 1 t 3 players who want to double up quickly. They will play very loose, pushing all-in within the first few hands. In an MTT, there are many more of these players to deal with. Your job is to play very tight, avoiding any investment at all without a premium hand. Even then, you may wish to wait it out.

Once the loose, careless players are gone, you still want to play a tight game, but you can take a few risks when the cards fall in your favor. Try to keep your chip stack from dropping below average by only playing strong hands and folding all others.

By this point, you should be getting close to the money bubble. Your ultimate goal is to hit this bubble. If you must finish in the top 300 of an MTT, your goal is to finish in 300th place. If you must finish 3rd in an SNG, your goal is to finish 3rd. Conserve your chips as much as possible. Stick to your tight game.

Once you make the bubble, you’ve already won. You can now loosen up your game a bit, but not too much. Your goal is now to make the final table in an MTT. In this case, start stealing blinds when the opportunity arises, as they are now worth a good amount of chips. Take more risks when you think you’ve got the hand won.

If you’re playing SNG, there should only be 1 or 2 opponents left anyway. Become aggressive and snag as many pots as you can. If you come in 1st, congratulations! If not, you’ve still cashed and should be very proud of your efforts. Your Tournament Rakeback becomes an addition to your victory profits.